Creating Winners – Cre Run Farm


By Allyssa Baird


The Tevis Cup Ride is not your typical 100-mile race. Held annually since 1955, the July heat, unpredictable terrain, and intense trails have made it one of the most challenging endurance rides worldwide. Jeremy Reynolds and his 13-year-old bay mare, Treasured Moments, won this year’s exciting race. This was a repeat win for these two, having won in 2021, except this time bridleless.


Let’s go back to the beginning of this special mare. Treasured Moments was bred by Alan Kirshner and Deborah Mihaloff of Cre Run Farm, where they focus on “creating runners” for the Arabian racing divisions. She is sired by DA Adios+/, a Wiking son out of Hidden Treasure, an RD Five Star daughter. Deb recalls when she was born, “The 2010 foal crop she was born in was exceptional with several horses that became race winners, including her. It was also a year that I lost a two-time Darley-winning mare and her foal that were stalled next to Treasure. This event is what gave Treasure Moments her name. It was a reminder that we all need to appreciate the treasured moments in our lives, and she is deserving of such a special name. She has accomplished so much.”

Treasured Moments in the paddock at the Delaware Park in 2014.

Deb has been breeding Arabians for 40 years and has spent much time and research on breeding and raising horses in the best environment possible. Aside from a long list of accomplishments, she believes in the foundation that her foals get at Cre Run. “Our horses are never stalled unless they are foaling or are injured. We have a very natural program that has come from my travels around the world from Markel selling insurance and seeing other successful operations.” Deb adds, “We have excellent staff, along with our flat racing trainer, Lynn Ashby, who does an incredible job.”


Jeremy Reynolds and his wife, Heather, are no strangers to the endurance world or Cre Run. They both worked at Deb’s farm in 2007-2008, working with the horses and learning the breeding program. It wasn’t until Jeremy saw Treasured Moments at the racetrack years later that he knew she was special. “I met her on the track and loved her right away,” Jeremy recalls. “I loved how serious she was and her exceptional work ethic.”

Jeremy rode Treasured Moments in her first 100-mile ride, the Tevis Cup. She came in third and won the Haggins Cup for Best Condition. “Treasure has now completed five Tevis Cup rides,” Jeremy explains. “She is one of a kind. I’ve spent the most time with her, and she has helped me achieve my goals in endurance. I’ve had other great horses, but none like her.” The bond is unmistakable. He rides her every other day, competing in three to four competitions yearly with only one for maximum effort. They have completed 13 100-mile rides and won a large championship in Europe in 2021. “Jeremy knows when she needs a break; he is so in tune with her, and they take care of each other,“ Deb adds.


With just above 50% of horses finishing the Tevis each year, winning is an incredible feat. Winning the Tevis brideless is on a whole new level. “I started riding Treasure bridleless this June,” Jeremy says. “She was responsive and light in a thin rope halter and neck reined with ease. She would do two-stride flying lead changes with the lift of a finger. Once I tried it (without a bridle), she went down the trail more relaxed with a bright eye and a smile.” Another testament to the program of Cre Run Farm. “I am so proud of Jeremy and Treasured Moments, and winning the Tevis without a bridle and in their time is incredible,” Deb says. “I appreciate that the people who have our horses do love them. I attribute this to our staff and how we breed and raise them. The foundation is solid. We have been fortunate over the years and have always tried to do the right thing for our horses, and they always come back and reward us.”

Treasure and Jeremy sharing a moment after completing a victorious Tevis Cup Ride in 13 hours and 14 minutes.
FollowYourDreamm (Our Machine x Dreamm Diva) and Kaylei Perry finished 13th at the 2023 Tevis Cup.

Deb also had two additional horses she bred competing in the Tevis. FollowYourDreamm and Kaylei Perry finished 13th, and Jhessabell and Rannvieg Aamodt were pulled at 66 miles. It was Jhessabell’s first 100-mile endurance race, and Rannvieg already has her sights set on next year for another try.

Jhessabell (Dahess x Bella Atheena) and Rannvieg Aamodt at the 2023 Tevis Cup.

After Treasured Moments won on Saturday, Deb flew to England two days later to watch First Classs, another Cre Run bred horse, run on Wednesday. He finished second at the Goodwood Racecourse in the running of the Group 1 Qatar International Stakes., showcasing what an exceptional individual he is. He is also the only horse to win three 1 million dollar races within a year.

First Classs (Dahes x ToppOfTheClass) winning the Kahalya Classic in Dubai in 2022.

The Cre Run horses have proven themselves time and time again. “The foundation that we put on the horses is so important so they can go on and excel in other divisions like endurance, dressage, sport horse,” Deb continues. “It is because of racing. I am proud of our program, and racing is how I do it.”


Cre Run is not slowing down and continues to produce quality Arabians in the race divisions and beyond.