Shaping the Lives of Our Next Generation


By Ally Nelson

As featured in the Summer 2024 issue of Arabian Horse World

The focus on the 2024 Summer edition and the forthcoming Youth Nationals compels us to reflect on our shared past deeply rooted in the Arabian horse’s influence. Both Allyssa and I have been profoundly connected to the world of Arabian horses since our formative years, a bond that endures to this day. The resonance of our past experiences at Youth Nationals remains vivid, underscoring the profound impact this majestic creature has had on our lives. From shaping our career paths and academic pursuits to guiding us to the vibrant cities we call home, the Arabian horse has been a silent yet potent force shaping our destinies.


The Arabian horse plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s upbringing. Instilling a sense of responsibility from a young age and understanding that another being relies entirely on human care fosters empathy and nurtures a bond unlike any other. Participating in competitions alongside peers from diverse locales broadens children’s horizons, exposing them to different cultures. The rigorous tasks of grooming, caring for, and competing with these magnificent creatures instill a deep appreciation for hard work and good sportsmanship. Moreover, the Arabian horse imparts invaluable lessons in teamwork, showcasing how effective communication and collaboration can transcend barriers of language and size, creating a unique and beautiful partnership.


As a parent, I see these values as ones we strive to instill in our children daily. The Arabian horse is a remarkable teacher of these essential life lessons. It’s not just important, but crucial for our industry to collectively advocate the profound impact the Arabian horse has on children’s development. Numerous commendable programs nationwide are diligently working towards this goal, and we invite you to explore these exceptional lesson programs on our website. We also encourage each individual to contribute by sharing their personal experiences with the Arabian horse, illustrating how these magnificent animals have enriched their lives.


In conclusion, as we delve into the 2024 Summer edition and anticipate the excitement of Youth Nationals, our reflections on the Arabian horse evoke cherished memories from our youth. The enduring influence of this remarkable creature on our lives, from career choices to personal journeys, serves as a testament to the profound impact of the Arabian horse on our past, present, and future endeavors.