Arabian Horse World Partners with Arabian Hunter Pleasure Association


The Arabian horse’s most iconic magazine and the newest performance futurity program have joined forces! The Arabian Horse World and the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Association are excited to announce that 2024 will be the beginning of a powerful partnership. The media company is redefining its traditional brand with a fresh flare, and the futurity program known for breaking molds brings unique things to the union.

“Arabian Horse World is dedicated to including all parts of the Arabian horse community,” magazine owners Ally Nelson and Allyssa Baird said in a joint statement. “We love how the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Association brings together so many levels of our competitors. We also appreciate their efforts to give back to our community as horse lovers, and the communities where we all gather.”

At the 2023 US Nationals, AHPA collected items for the Tulsa Day Center. They are implementing a similar concept at the upcoming Scottsdale 2024 show where they will be collecting pet items at their booth for Almost There Rescue and the Arizona Humane Society.

AHPA also has their AHPA Gives Back Hat, which splits proceeds between Friends of Vail Foundation and Taking the Reins. Their granting program has also grown alongside the organization, sending first-time competitors to Youth Nationals with the help of the Langston Family Foundation and sending adult amateur competitions to US Nationals in honor of Vickey Bowman and La Rae Fletcher Powell. To date, AHPA has helped give nearly $30,000 in scholarships at Youth Nationals and $3,000 at U.S. Nationals.



“We are constantly trying to think outside the box at AHPA,” Samantha Hillard, AHPA President said. “As some may know, we are always up to something. I am excited for everyone to see what we have been working on with the Arabian Horse World team.”


There will be more updates announced about this specific partnership in the following months. To stay updated with AHPA visit their facebook page (@ArabianHunterHorses) or website.