Here is another interesting group of stallions. I think personal preference will come into play with the top two choices. I made my decision based on a combination of structural correctness, balance, and refinement, but I wouldn’t argue with those who place my second horse first. I felt this was a two pair class, and a horse that just naturally slotted into the third place. The fourth place stallion had a lot to like, so again, don’t worry about how you placed them. The important thing is to recognize the same things that I did.

In this series, we invite readers to submit a photo of their horse to be included in a recurring conformation evaluation.

Noted International Arabian judge Cindy Reich will place each class and explain her thought process. The horses are not identified, but ranked in order from 1-4. Test your judging skills and see if you saw the same things. 

The photographs do not have to be professional, but must be a high quality profile picture where the horse fills the whole frame. All feet and legs must be visible. It is preferable that the horse is standing relatively square. Anyone can submit a photo for this feature. Any age from yearlings to aged horses are accepted. Horses do not need to be clipped.  Simply include the photo along with age and sex of the horse, and email to:

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