The Pyramid Society Foundation Honors Trustee’s Award Recipients


From left to right, Sheikha Sarah Fahad Al Sabah, Sandra Olsen, Karen Kasper, Judith Forbis, Majid Alsayegh, Cynthia Culbertson


The Trustees of The Pyramid Society Foundation (formerly known as The Pyramid Society) have historically honored those who have made significant contributions toward the welfare and best interests of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse as well as the time-honored mission of the Foundation. Earlier this year the Trustees announced the recipients of the Trustee’s Award: Karen Kasper and Cynthia Culbertson, two amazing and talented women from within the community of Straight Egyptian breeders, owners and enthusiasts. The many things they’ve accomplished on behalf of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse and The Pyramid Society could fill many books, but the following excerpts from the Award Ceremony Program at least give us some idea of the contribution Karen and Cynthia have made:

Karen Kasper and Judith Forbis

“Karen’s portraits of many of the world’s most influential Straight Egyptians made her an international ambassador through her art. To date, Karen has created 101 Straight Egyptian portrait sculptures, including 78 from life studies and 23 from historical resources…. When Karen starts a project her focus is extraordinary. ‘I erase from my mind all I know about horses, and zero in on what is unique about my subject’s individuality. Once the basics are complete, I let go and allow the creation to come through me, as the work flows through my hands, forming the piece to its completion.’”

“Cynthia’s contributions specifically to The Pyramid Society are boundless. Her donations of time and expertise on countless media and PR projects through the years have shaped its impressive public image. One extraordinary endeavor involved the organization and cataloging of the generous Marshall donation, which led to work on the resulting auctions, film tribute and book, Gleannloch Farms, the Legend and the Legacy. It was the largest fundraiser ever for The Pyramid Society…. Her books and articles about Egyptian Arabians in particular are legend and her service as Executive Director of The Pyramid Society and presently serves as the Treasurer of The Pyramid Society Foundation.”

Cynthia Culbertson and Judith Forbis

Both women have maintained a wonderful friendship down through the years, and have frequently collaborated on various projects for The Pyramid Society.


The Award Ceremony and associated activities were held in Lexington, Kentucky on October 21, 2023. It was a beautiful and intimate setting where many long-time supporters of, as well as several newcomers to, the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse community gathered to honor Karen and Cynthia. Among some of the international guests was a surprise visit by Sheikha Sarah Fahad Al Sabah of Kuwait, who is a long time friend of both Karen and Cynthia and a very generous supporter of The Pyramid Society. We were able to attend Karen’s current exhibit: “My Journey with the Arabian Horse” in the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries in the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park and then we reconvened at The Merrick Inn for the Award Ceremony and dinner. Many thanks to all who helped in any way to make this event a resounding success. It was a fitting celebration honoring the contributions Karen and Cynthia had made and of the future they have worked to secure for the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse here at home and abroad.