by Ginny (Fagerlin) Baldwin

The lineage of Moska female descendants is illustrated here.

The mares whose names are underlined have produced foals in the current decade. Many of these mares were sold by Varian Arabians before or shortly after their early foals. Those in bold (18) were bred and owned by Varian Arabians and never sold or produced foals primarily for Varian Arabians. The latter are annotated in Figure 2 and are: Sweet Shalimar V (1990) who produced Varian Arabian bred foals until she was sold in 2009, Santa Barbara Juell V (2009) who produced Varian Arabian bred foals until she was sold in 2017, Sweet Illusion V (1983) who produced 14 foals out of 16 for Varian Arabians and was sold in 2001, Magdalena V (1987) who produced 16 foals for Varian Arabians and three foals all in 2010 (by Sundance Kid V) for another breeder, and Maya V (2001) who was in production at Varian Arabians until she was sold in 2014. Three other Moska descendants in Figure 2 were sold in 2017 (Merrily V and Mademoiselle V) or 2018 (Sweet Caroline V) after producing only for Varian Arabians. A total of nine Moska descendants have had foals bred primarily by Varian Arabians in the current decade (bold and underlined in Figure 2). Four of these mares are represented by the “Sweet” family and five by the “M” (Marigold) lines. Numerous young females still on the farm are available as representatives of the Moska line.

Read “The Moska Legacy” in our September 2018 issue, page 74.

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