The Circle of Life

Like the war horses we breed, we have to be tough. We have to live close to nature and deal with what she dishes out. Whether in one day, one week, or one year, by Cindy Reich

Working on a horse breeding farm forces you to work close to the earth. The cycle of life and death drives the rhythm of the days. It is a cycle that a large part of society cannot fathom. Life on a breeding farm is dictated by the sun and the rain, by the whims of mares and the fragility of a single sperm cell. Often, all in the same day.

There are two things I never get tired of — the excitement and satisfaction every time I see the “black dot” when doing a pregnancy check, and every foot that emerges from a mare after her water breaks. Never. Get. Tired. One leads to the other, as the weave of life goes on at a breeding farm…

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