Just before Region 2, Sandhu Arabians hosted a two-day local outreach event which included the second meeting for the Arabian Breeders Cooperative. The event was well attended with visitors from all over and many locals. Dr. Sandhu provided a DJ for entertainment along with lots of food and drink. Part of the entertainment was a presentation of mares and foals and the two queens of Sandhu Arabians’ breeding program. Erylle Meia Lua put on quite a show with Dr. Sandhu, and then Nadira of Rohan was presented, after which guests were invited to come up and meet her. Nadira accepted the attention quietly and regally, like the queen she is.

The second morning, an ABC meeting was held with lots of lively discussion about ideas for programs moving forward. TV programs and a gelding program were the hot topics of the day, and there are projects in the works for both. Additionally, lots of people were intrigued by the development of the website www.arabianbreederscooperative.com, which will allow members access to each other’s horses, services and items for sale, and will also include a comprehensive user’s guide to information on feeding, breeding, care, contracts, and many other areas of our Industry. Also discussed was a stallion services exchange so that perhaps breeders would be able to access a wider range of horses.

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