Preludio OSB: The Art of Consistency


By Allyssa Baird
Manny’s beautiful mare, CW Soleil (Soul of Gazal SF x MA Sonata).

When Manny Vierra set out to find a special stallion for his beautiful Multi-Reserve National Champion mare, CW Soleil (Soul of Gazal SF x MA Sonata), he knew she had all the right parts. Still, he wanted to add some “type” to her. “Soleil is a great show horse with great size and very correct everywhere,” Manny says. “I was talking to Sandro Pinha about finding the right style of horse to breed to her.”

Sandro explained that he had shown a nice two-year-old colt named Preludio OSB in Brazil, which Olivia Strauch Braga bred. Preludio was born in 2015 and was sired by Dominic M out of Partyssima OS. Then, as a four-year-old, he had just been named Brazilian National Champion. “I asked Sandro if he was available for breeding in the USA, and he said no, but they might consider selling him.” Manny continues, “We negotiated on a price, and I brought him here to the States. He has done everything we’ve asked him to do.”

After being Uruguayan National Champion and Brazilian Gold Champion as a two and four-year-old, Preludio wasted no time once he arrived in the States and garnered National Championships at the Midsummer Nationals show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the United States Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A year later, in 2021, he was Champion Senior Stallion at the Breeders Finals show and National Champion Senior Stallion for a back-to-back win at the prestigious US Nationals. “Preludio has done a great job for us in the show ring and representing the farm,” Manny gleams.

Preludio OSB after his 2021 US National Championship.

There’s no question that Preludio is a beautiful horse, but what he brings to the breeding barn and Arabian industry is more significant than that. “He’s putting big beautiful eyes and little ears on his foals and shortening up the backs and couplings,” Manny says. “We’ve lost that in our horses in recent years, but it is coming back in his babies.”

Aside from his beautiful and correct features, his disposition is exceptional. He’s easy to handle and well-mannered. Manny adds, “He was even being ridden for a while to ‘spice up’ his life.” His trainable mind and correctness are also being passed on to his progeny.


In 2023, 35 fillies showed in the highly competitive Scottsdale Signature class. Preludio had four foals entered: RD Prelinda won Reserve Champion, and Peyton VO, RD La Luna, and Prelena VO earned Top Tens.

RD Prelinda (Preludio OSB x RD Quianna [Shanghai EA]).

Other Champions by Preludio have been Premaro VO (out of AJS Emara Meia Lua) with several wins, including US Reserve National Champion, US National Breeding Pays Champion, and Breeders Finals Champion in 2023. This beautiful grey colt will return to US Nationals this year with Sandro of Arabians International for his three-year-old year. Selenia VO, the result of breeding Preludio to CW Soleil, impressed at the 2023 Breeders Finals Weanling class, where she bounced around at the end of the lead and was chosen Champion.

Multi-Champion Premaro VO, out of AJS Emara Meia Lua.
Weanling Champion Selenia VO, out of CW Soleil.

Aside from being an incredible show horse that has won in every arena he has stepped into, when you breed to Preludio, you know what you are getting. The consistency of beauty and correct conformation in his foals amazes me. They have great attitudes and are easy to work with. - Sandro Pinha

Preludio has been busy in the breeding barn and is expecting several foals for Manny and outside breeders this year. “We just had an exceptional colt that we are very excited about. He is out of Bey Madeline, a Besson Carol daughter out of Bey Teyna, owned by Cory Soltau,” Manny continues. “Once he comes home to Valley Oak Arabians, we will continue breeding him, and he will be the King of the barn. He has yet to make it home due to his showing and breeding schedule, but we look forward to having him here.”

Manny’s farm Valley Oak Arabians in Brentwood, California.