The follow up to Long Lining Part 1, these five video clips of John Lambert walk us through the next phase of long lining, leading up to ground driving.

Once your horse has become accustomed to the tack, she will relax and be ready to start ground driving. John Lambert explains that the horse must accept the sensation of the lines hitting her body against her barrel, rear, legs, hocks, and feet.

Make sure that you aren’t just dropping a line over your horse. Slide it behind her gradually so she recognizes the sensation and it doesn’t scare her.

John Lambert demonstrates turning your horse into the wall. Remember to let up on the line as soon as your horse starts to turn, and her motion will carry her through the turn.

Just as important as learning to go, is learning to stop, and John Lambert demonstrates how to practice stopping.

John Lambert begins to increase movement in the lines, and the horse reacts to more motion with nervous energy and fearful forward motion. In time, the horse begins to relax, showing that she has accepted the tack and the motion through a more relaxed posture, with her stretched out neck and quieter expression.