112 The Remarkable CF Jimmy Neutron
What none of us knew during his spectacular performance was that the horse was defying all odds by even attending the show, by Gary Dearth

In this Issue: January 2018

Table of Contents

Volume 58 · Number 4


92 The View From Center Ring — Performance Divisions
by Gary Dearth

112 The Remarkable CF Jimmy Neutron
by Gary Dearth

120 2017 U.S. Nationals: Halter Divisions
by Cindy Reich

132 U.S. Nationals Leading Sires
research by Douglas Tatelman

134 Tuxedo Thyme ABA — Promoting Arabian Stallions in Warmblood Societies
by Barb Suvaka

138 Shelter From the Storms in Raleigh: 2017 U.S. Sport Horse Nationals
by Morgan Moore

153 Sport Horse Nationals Results

156 2017 Sport Horse Nationals Leading Sires
research by Douglas Tatelman


60 For the Horse: The Most Natural Way to Breed Mares
In a conversation with Dr. Karlan Downing, we learn about her approach to pasture breeding stallions, by Cindy Reich

65 Cover Story Al Shaqab — A Year to Remember
by Betty Finke

158 Twisted Tales: The Trails Less Traveled
If you ride long enough, you’ll witness a wreck or you’ll be the wreck, by Darice Whyte

160 Sire Line: Saklawi I — Part 6, The Russian Revolution
Aswan arrived, and Russian breeding finally caught up with the rest of the world, or rather, began its gradual conquest, by Betty Finke

200 2018 Stallion Directory


48 Winter Racing in the UAE and Qatar
RB Torch, Darius Du Paon, and Asyyad each won for Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi, and Qatar saw victories for TM Thunder Struck, Yazeed, and Easter De Faust, by Steve Andersen


23 Scottsdale Signature Stallion and 2018 Scottsdale Contenders
(“S” refers to placement within the Scottsdale Signature Stallion section beginning on page 23)

28 Table of Contents and Board of Directors

29 We Love Scottsdale!

32 Welcome to the Auction and Futurity Program

36 SSB: Prize Money Payouts

40 General Rules

42 Rights Holders

48 A Look Back — Champions of 2017

55 SSS Index of Advertisers

177 Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction Catalog

from the world

53 Arabian Horse World 2018 Calendars

54 AHW Will Design Your Website

176 Arabian Horse World — Tried & True


8 Online Exclusives — Web T of C

10 What in the World – “A Dream to Enjoy”

194 Stud Farm Diaries: If It Is January, It Must Mean Stallions!
While we celebrate stallions in this annual stallion issue, let’s think about what we should be doing with them in January, by Cindy Reich

198 At the Waterhole

208 Arab Year

212 Upcoming Issues

213 Rates/Map/Index

upcoming features

64 Farm Stories — No one tells your story better than AHW

89 Totally Tops in February

111 $100,000 AWPA Futurity

137 Stallions II in March

175 Arabian Racing Yearbook and Stallion Guide

193 Las Vegas World Cup Contenders in March

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