130  2016 U.S. Nationals: The Halter Division
One thing has never changed: the quiet, expectant hush in the arena when the National Champion is announced, by Cindy Reich

Volume 57 · Number 4

sport horse nationals

84 The Journey to Nampa — 2016 Sport Horse Nationals
The suspense hung on the shoulders of the owners, trainers, and handlers alike …, by Morgan Moore

102 Sport Horse Nationals and the *Ralvon Elijah Influence
In 1986, a brilliant red Australian-born stallion made the long journey from the United Kingdom to change Arabian breeding in the United States forever, by Morgan Moore

108 2016 Sport Horse Nationals Leading SiresResearch by Douglas Tatelman

u.s. nationals

130 2016 U.S. Nationals: The Halter Division

142 Guest Editorial: Make Halter Great Again?

Fifty years on, it seems like the halter division is going through a midlife crisis, by Cindy Reich

144 2016 U.S. National Results: Halter and Performance



36 Wit and Wisdom from our Early Breeders: Frisco Mari and His Daughters
One of the finest examples of Arabian horses as a family interest, by Mary Jane Parkinson

110 Pint-Sized Dynamos: Tyler Hardin and “Zipy”
And then it happened — a twelve-year-old girl on a purebred Arabian gelding smoked all of them, by Cindy Reich

113 Cover Story: Avonlea Arabians
The Whitakers — Dick and Gail, along with their daughter Anne Whitaker Keller — are proof that small breeders can make a huge impact on the Arabian breed, by Gary Dearth

150 Small Breeders — Big Results: Markelle Arabians
Joel Desmarteau created a dynasty of champions from a single mare, Angophora by *Eukaliptus, by Morgan Moore

154 Moments in Time — On the Road
Five hours on the road in a horse van with a nervous colt and a placid stallion, by Betty Finke

182 Acupuncture: A Holistic Tool for Optimum Health, by Mark DePaolo, DVM

190 AHW’s 2017 Stallion Directory



39 Scottsdale Signature Stallion and Scottsdale Contenders
(“S” refers to placement within the Scottsdale Signature Stallion section beginning on page 39) 

4s We love Scottsdale — for six decades!

6s Table of Contents and Board of Directors

10s Welcome to the Auction and Futurity Program

14s Prize Money Payouts

18s General Rules

20s Rights Holders

30s A Look Back — Champions of 2016

39s SSS Index of Advertisers

161 Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction Catalog
Prize money payouts, Scottsdale Signature Auction Stallions, and Terms and Conditions



156 Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Jewel Crown
An underdog wins the Arabian breed’s richest race at $1.27 million in Abu Dhabi, by Steve Andersen

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10 What in The World — Cheers to a New Yearby Denise Hearst

186 Stud Farm Diaries: Getting Ready for the Coming Season
A foal-saving technique and a few words about foaling and the breeding season, by Cindy Reich

198 Arab Year

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