118P Remembering Dr. Nasr Marei
This photo by Nasr Marei, reminds us of what a gifted artist he was. But he was much more – a passionate breeder guiding his family’s 80-year-old Albadeia Stud farm in Egypt,  a popular judge, inquisitive traveler, the warmest of friends, and a true gentleman. We remember him on pages 118P and 124P of this month’s Pyramid Society Yearbook.

In this Issue: December 2017

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Volume 58 · Number 3


57 The Pyramid Society’s 2017-2018 Yearbook
(“P” refers to placement within the Pyramid Yearbook beginning on page 57) 

8P Pyramid Table of Contents

10P President’s Message and The Pyramid Society Officers

18P 37th Egyptian Event Highlights

24P Lone Star Arabians — It’s A Family Affair: The Shutts Family
The Shutts family has enjoyed significant success in their career so far, but the 2017 Egyptian Event was confirmation that their approach works, not just for horses, but for humans as well, by Ella Rowan

26P 2017 Egyptian Event Sponsors 

30P Sire Line: Saklawi I — Part 5, A Legacy of Great Mares and Athletes
Though one of the smaller branches that stems from Saklawi I-Nazeer, the sire line of Alaa El Din made a significant contribution in Egypt, by Betty Finke

40P Members in Motion

50P Life Members

52P Building the Future Together — Pyramid Society Membership

54P World Conference For Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

61P Ansata Hejazi book

62P The Pyramid Society Business Partners

64P Straight Egyptian Certificate

65P Cover Story: Al Ghanayim Stud — An Oasis for Arabian Horses
Ayad Al Thuwainy opens up the doors of his stud in Kuwait to give us an exclusive glimpse into his unique vision involving the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, by Jeffrey Wintersteen

101P Save the Date — 2018 Egyptian Event

102P Reference Handbook of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses Worldwide, Volume VII

104P Egyptian Breeders’ Challenge

109P The All American Straight Egyptian Challenge Cup

110P Highlights from Christie Metz’s Book, A Breeder’s Journal — The Breed Characteristics of the Arabian Horse

116P Performance Horse Award Program

118P Memories of Dr. Nasr Mare

124P Remembering Dr. Nasr Marei — A Friend

128P Egyptian Breeders

130P Egyptian Stallions

133P Stud Book for Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses Worldwide

134P Egyptian Arabians in May, August, & December

135P Pyramid Index of Advertisers

racing and endurance

48 2017 AERC National 50- and 100-Mile Championships
This year’s championship ride took place in picturesque La Veta, Colorado, by Genie Stewart-Spears

194 The Richest Arabian Race — The Sheikh Zayed Jewel Crown in A
Just one of the great races sponsored by the H.H. Sheikh Mansoor Flat Racing Festival, by Steve Andersen

197 The French Arabian Breeders Challenge Stakes Races
by Steve Andersen

200 Texas Stakes Races Help Bring Overall Ranking Into Focus
RB Nash, Dream Pearl, RB Hot Date, and Uptown Sandy Girl each saw victory this fall at Lone Star Park, by Steve Andersen


24 Twisted Tales: The Amusements of Winter Riding, by Darice Whyte

26 Stud Book Research, Volume 88
A look at the top-siring stallions for 2016, as well as new purebred Arabian registration totals, research by Douglas Tatelman

36 2017 Arabian National Breeder Finals

40 Moments in Time — Moments of Magic
“I will always remember the first straight Egyptian Arabian I encountered,” by Betty Finke

42 From the Artists — Hubert de Watrigant
Capturing the essence of the horse, by Michael M. Junge

204 The European Sports Championships 2017
Proof that Arabians are more than just pretty faces, by Betty Finke

210 Wit and Wisdom from Our Early Breeders: The Martin Loeber Family
Car salesman turned farmer, Martin Loeber made a name for himself in the Arabian horse world, by Mary Jane Parkinson

214 Passages: Carole Dearth and Leslie David Pease

from the world

22 AHW’s  Digital Services 

193 It’s a 12 Horse Show — AHW’s 2018 Calendars

217 AHW: Trust


8 Web Exclusives at www.arabianhorseworld.com

10 What in the World — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

218 At the Waterhole

220 Stud Farm Diaries: Start Them Young for Solid Adult Horses
Training weanlings to load in a trailer is incredibly easy — if the foal has been started correctly, by Cindy Reich

224 Arab Year

228 Upcoming Issues 

229 Rates/Map/Index

upcoming features

56 Scottsdale Features and SSS Brochure

203 Racing Yearbook and Stallion Guide in March

213 Totally Tops in February

216 Stallions in January and March