28  Scottsdale Performance and Halter

In this Issue: April 2018

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Volume 58 · number 6


28 Scottsdale: Performance — A View from Center Ringby Gary Dearth

38 Scottsdale: Halter — The Greatest Arabian Horse Show on Earth!by Cindy Reich

49 Scottsdale: Guest Editorial — The Versatile Arabian, by Nan Walden


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76 27th Qatar International Arabian Show



22 Cover Story: HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed

Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival
His Highness and partners have, for the past ten years, put tremendous effort into building Arabian horse racing through their Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival organization.

74 The HH Sheikh Mansoor Global Flat Racing Festival Sponsors Two Big Stakes in Texas
Few events in racing are more exhilarating for a horse owner than watching two stablemates running together at the front of a major stakes race and then finishing in a dead-heat,
by Steve Andersen



16 State of the Industry: Ray LaCroix
This month, in the third of our series, we speak with famed trainer Raymond LaCroix who shares his thoughts about today’s showring. “I have changed my definition of horsemanship,” he says. “What it means to me now is, human and equine interactions where both parties benefit,” by Cindy Reich

60 2018 Las Vegas Arabian Breeders World Cup Show Previewby Morgan Moore

64 2017 Top 10 Breeders and Owners of Purebred and Half-Arabian National Winners, Research by Douglas Tatelman

70 Moments in Time: A Perfect Gentleman
Throughout the decades, there are a few horses that are special: horses which, for some reason or another, I will never forget. Not necessarily big winners or great sires, but shining examples of the Arabian breed all the same, by Betty Finke

72 Twisted Tales: The Day I Didn’t Dieby Darice White

84 Sire Line: Saklawi I — Part 9
In the final part of our nine-part series on the Saklawi I sire line, we examine Nazeer sons who made significant contributions to the breed, even if not quite on the same scale as their more well-known brothers, by Betty Finke

94 Wit & Wisdom: Louise and Gerald Donoghue, The Donoghues contributed to the Arabian horse community through their insistence on quality, their diverse showing of their horses, and their enduring enthusiasm for the Arabian horse breed, by Mary Jane Parkinson


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63 Arabian Horse World: Precious

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83 Egyptian Arabians in May

108 Wonderful Women of World in June

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10 What in the World: My First Scottsdale , by Rachel Varner

98 Stud Farm Diaries: Springtime Is More Than Foals and Breeding
Spring is easily the busiest time of year on the stud farm, by Cindy Reich

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104 Arab Year

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