Audacious PS
(Fame VF x HAL Flirtatious)
April 9, 1994 – February 14, 2019

On the passing of Audacious PS, we remember what he represented within the Varian breeding program. 

As Sheila said in 2015, “Audacious presents himself in an especially appealing way to me. He is extremely charismatic with huge black eyes, a lovely, expressive face, long well-hinged neck, short back, snow-white color, and a tail carriage that is truly exceptional. 
With all of Audacious’s showy attitude, one won’t be able find a sweeter or kinder stallion. With brief under-saddle training at the age of ten years with Ron Copple, Audacious took to training as though he was a three-year-old.

“We have been looking for a stallion to breed back into the *Jullyen El Jamaal daughters as well as the Desperado V, Maclintock V and Bravado Bey V daughters for five years, and I am thrilled to have finally found a stallion that could live up to the requirements of Varian Arabians … Beautiful, with excellent conformation, athletic capabilities and a mind that accepts saddle training.

“Simply put, he makes my heart happy.”

Audacious did indeed fit well with the Varian mares. Here are the Varian-bred National Champions and Reserves by Audacious: C Est La V (out of Crystal Jewel V), 2017 Youth National Champion Mare JOTH, 2017 Youth National Champion Mare JTH; Lightning Strike V (out of Lalique V), 2011 U.S. National Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Futurity; Sabre V (out of MM Sabiine), 2018 U.S. National Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Futurity; Sheer Audacity V (out of Sweet Silk V), 2017 Youth National Champion Western Pleasure Select Rider JTR 14-18; and The Magician V (out of Maya V), 2013 Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion. He sired a total of 12 purebred National Champions and Reserves, and 12 additional National Top Ten winners.

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