Great Horses Travel – Berlin MP


By jeff wallace

Every now and then great horses emerge in our breed which are so important that they end up traveling across the globe to share their influence. Such is the case with the young stallion known as Berlin MP, bred and owned by Mindy Peters. And when a horse so beloved and respected as Berlin does travel, nothing short of a going away party for his fans and admirers will do as a proper send-off. And so it was that on June 3, such a going away party was thrown for Berlin at Sandro Pinha’s Arabians International in Scottsdale, Arizona just before he embarked for Schoukens Training Center in Belgium where he will stand at stud for the 2024 breeding season. The event was hosted by Mindy and a beautiful evening was had by all who gathered to celebrate and even shed a tear while wishing Berlin bon voyage.
“When I first saw Berlin, he immediately took my focus. He was so calm and regal and didn’t scurry around like babies do, hiding behind their mothers. He slowly turned and looked right at me with such confidence. He was so different than any foal I had ever seen before.”

Mindy has had a special attachment to Berlin from the start, and she has been thrilled to enjoy those incredibly gratifying moments when a horse’s career starts to explode. You can hype them all you like, but a real people’s choice doesn’t require hyperbole. And such has been the case with Berlin.

When breeding, you can never predict when you will breed that horse that validates you as a breeder. And, since Berlin MP was born in 2018, he has been the apple of Mindy’s eye and has been embraced by the breed. His sire is the Psytadel son, SMA Magic One, owned by highly respected long-time Gulf breeder Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed al Thani of Al Zobair in Sharjah UAE. And for Mindy, who not only bred Berlin, but also bred his mother, the prolific producing mare Baraka MP, the sense of accomplishment as a breeder has been immense. Baraka MP is a daughter of straight Egyptian Alfabia Ajib, bred by legendary photographer Gigi Grasso, and granddaughter of the worldwide fountainhead of Om El Arab, Om El Belinda Estopa, a chestnut mare, channeling the vibes of her spectacular grandsire, Sharem El Sheikh.

Just looking at the names of horses and owners in Berlin’s pedigree makes it clear that Berlin is truly a representation of the world’s finest breeding, representing breeding lines from around the globe. And while Mindy is the direct breeder, it took some of the most dedicated and respected breeders worldwide to ultimately lead to the creation of Berlin. Mindy has been dedicated to the Arabian breed for many years with her boutique breeding program and finally with Berlin, that small breeding program can rightfully be viewed as one of the top boutique breeding programs in the world.

Berlin’s career has been one of excitement. In 2021, he was Arabian Breeders World Cup Junior Champion Stallion as a three-year-old with Steve Heathcott. He returned to the ring in 2022 with Sandro Pinha to win Scottsdale International Gold Champion Senior Stallion where he received seven scores of 20, and his name was made.

“I always knew Berlin was special from the first time I saw him as a young foal at Om El. I watched him grow up, and I feel enormously blessed to be part of Berlin’s life and I am amazed, but not surprised, with the incredible following he has generated. Berlin’s Goodbye party was the icing on the cake, with over 5 million viewers on Arabian Horse World enthusiastically following his send-off. I wish him the very best in his new adventure abroad. Cannot wait for his return.” Sandro Pinha

However, while winning at the highest levels in the showring is exceptionally gratifying and validating, there is nothing like breeding a horse that goes beyond show ring wins to capture the imagination of breeders like Berlin MP has done. He has been a popular sire amongst breeders of all sizes who care about the next generation. Their trust has been rewarded with foal after foal turning up with Berlin’s exceptional traits.


In his first foal crop, Mindy bred a filly by Berlin, Narnia MP, out of Eden C daughter Nikita MP. Mindy showed her at the 2023 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in the Scottsdale Signature Yearling Stallion Auction Championship class and was unanimous Bronze out of 24 fillies. She is just one example of his exceptional foals.

Milan INZ, sired by Berlin MP, out of Shangrila Baltazar daughter Zaraa RL. Pictured here with Sandro Pinha and owner Suzann Vince.

It was inevitable that Berlin would catch the eye of international breeders, and as history has shown us:

“Great Horses Travel”

So, Bon Voyage, Berlin – You will be missed by many.

All photos by Nate White on behalf of Arabian Horse World.