“It was an unforgettable occasion, right to the end when, as the guests wandered slowly toward the hospitality tent for a last round of desserts, a group of Sham Stables’ ethereal white mares floated around the arena in the evening sun. Perhaps we need more occasions such as these, away from the bustle and stress of the showring and its pressure to win, to remind us why we fell in love with these horses in the first place. To remind us that breeding Arabian horses should not just be about winning prizes — pleasurable as that may be — but about preserving a priceless heritage: of beauty, certainly, but a beauty that is not defined by just a pretty face. There is so much more to cherish. It is the essence of something you will not find in the showring, but may well catch a glimpse of on occasions like this: the true spirit of the Arabian horse.”

— From “2017 Egyptian Event Europe”