In January 2018, Madam Wegdan El Barbary passed away. Known to her friends as Dani, her Shams El Asil stud near the Pyramids was one of Egypt’s oldest private stud farms. She had been breeding Arabians for more than 40 years and was into the ninth generation of her breeding.

Here we present two pieces from our archives. One, Dani’s memories about the Arabian scene in Egypt as early as the 1950s, as told to Pat Canfield for the June 2012 issue, and a guest editorial that Dani wrote for Arabian Horse World in the May 1984 issue. In it, she said, “‘He who keeps a mare for the love of God, is akin to he who  prays, fasts, and gives to the poor.’ This is one of the most beautiful holy sayings I have ever heard about the Arabian. He is blessed by God, and I believe that if we keep him as he is, pure as we can, ‘for the love of God,’ we also will be blessed.”

Dani El Barbary, Reminiscing About the Early Days

Dani El Barbary May 1984 Guest Editorial

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