Aristocrat Mares in September

Mares who have produced four or more champion offspring in the categories below qualify as AHW “Aristocrats.” Mares are nominated by their breeders, owners, fans, and often by the owners of their champion offspring. Arabian Horse World does not recruit Aristocrats. All Aristocrats must be purebred Arabians and their champion offspring must be purebred Arabians in order to qualify.


Here are the categories in which mares may qualify through their champion progeny: Champions in Class A or open shows; Regional Top Fives or better; U.S., Canadian, Sport Horse, and Youth Nationals Top Ten or better; first, second, or third place in stake races; winners of endurance rides (of 50 miles or longer), competitive trail rides, first level or above dressage, and three-day eventing; and “best condition” in endurance rides (50 miles or longer). Plus “high score” (not high points) dressage awards where no championship is offered.

International qualifications: Arabian Horse World has added these qualifications for offspring of nominated Aristocrats: Gold, silver, and bronze awards and the remaining two of the top five of national shows (ECAHO “N” shows) and title shows (ECAHO “T” shows), as well as gold awards or championships for ECAHO “A” shows.

How to Nominate an Aristocrat:

Please send the following to AHW, by July 31:

1. Registered name of nominee, sire, and dam

2. Color and year foaled

3. Breeder

4. Current owner

5. High resolution photograph (300dpi, 4” x 5”)

6. Documented proof of qualifying offspring

7. A short, 150-word write-up about your Aristocrat nominee

8. Your name and contact information

All of these items must be submitted to AHW for your Aristocrat nominee to be considered. You can email them to, or mail them to us at 624 South Main Street, Suite 201, Templeton, California, 93465. If you have any questions about the rules, or materials required to get your Aristocrat nominee added to our Aristocrat list, please email or call us at (800)955-9423.


The absolute cut-off point for submitting an aristocrat for the given year’s September issue is July 31st of that year. Any submissions received after July 31st will still be collected, but will be saved for the following year’s September issue.

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