Behind Every Great Horse is a Great Mare

It’s time to celebrate these mares who have produced four or more champion offspring. They’re called Arabian Horse World Aristocrats, known throughout the breed for their accomplishments. AHW has been honoring them since 1979.


What is an Aristocrat mare?

Mares who have produced four or more champion offspring in the categories below qualify as AHW Aristocrats. Mares are nominated by their breeders, owners, fans, and often by the owners of their champion offspring. Arabian Horse World does not recruit Aristocrats. All Aristocrats must be purebred Arabians and their champion offspring must be purebred Arabians in order to qualify.

Here are the categories in which mares may qualify through their champion progeny: Champions in Class A or open shows; Regional Top Fives or better; U.S., Canadian, Sport Horse, and Youth Nationals Top Ten or better; first, second, or third place in stake races; winners of endurance rides (of 50 miles or longer), competitive trail rides, first level or above dressage, and three-day eventing; and “best condition” in endurance rides (50 miles or longer). Plus “high score” (not high points) dressage awards where no championship is offered.

In recognition of the international nature of showing Arabian horses in the twenty-first century, Arabian Horse World has added these qualifications for offspring of nominated Aristocrats: Gold, silver, and bronze awards and the remaining two of the top five of national shows (ECAHO “N” shows or non-ECAHO National Shows) and title shows (ECAHO “T” shows), as well as gold awards or championships for ECAHO “A” shows.



If you know of a mare who you believe qualifies as an Aristocrat, please submit the form below listing her champion progeny. Please provide verification of championships for other than Regional, Scottsdale, U.S., Canadian, Sport Horse, and Youth Nationals wins. Tell us a bit about your nominee and send a photo.


Current List of Aristocrat Mares