Al Adeed Al Shaqab


by Betty Finke

Al Adeed Al Shaqab was one of the youngest sons of Ansata Halim Shah, as well as one of the most celebrated. Out of Sundar Alisayyah, a daughter of Ruminaja Ali and from the Hadban Enzahi strain that has produced so many outstanding stallions, he was one of the horses that first put Al Shaqab on the map.

A classically beautiful Arabian with exquisite type as well as great movement, he launched his show career at age two by being named Qatar National Champion Colt in 1997. Two years later he was named Middle East Champion Stallion, and in 2000 Qatar National Champion Stallion, followed a year later by becoming 2001 Qatar International Champion Stallion. He was All Nations Cup Champion Stallion at Aachen in 2002, World Champion Stallion at Paris in 2003, and Champion Stallion at the U.S. Egyptian Event in 2005. His last major title was, once again, Qatar International Champion Stallion in 2008.

As a sire, Al Adeed also left his mark, both in the Middle East and throughout the world. Among his international sons are Laheeb Al Nasser (x Bint Saida Al Nasser), a champion sire and multiple international champion for Nayla Hayek of Switzerland; Kamal Ibn Adeed (x NF Bint Sajha) in the U.S.; Naseem Al Rashediah (x Nabaweyah Ezzain) of Bahrain, Champion Colt at the Egyptian Event Europe; Jadaan Al Shaqab (x Torfa Al Shaqab) at Jadem Arabians in Belgium; and the Australian-bred Redwood Lodge Artique (x Redwood Lodge Romantik), now residing in France, a sire of champions in his own right. The heir apparent at Al Shaqab is his 2008 son Farhoud Al Shaqab (x Johara Al Shaqab), who was Supreme Male Champion at the 2010 U.S. Egyptian Event.

His daughters include Amina Al Shaqab (x Amwaj Al Shaqab), Champion Filly at the Berlin Cup 2012; Amirat Al Shaqab (x Imperial Phanilah), Qatar National Champion Mare 2006 and International Champion Mare at Berlin 2012; Dawlah Al Shaqab (x Badawieh Al Shaqab), Egyptian Event Europe Reserve Champion Filly 2010; Hathfa Al Shaqab (x Kajora), Qatar National Champion Mare 2003; Hooria Al Shaqab (x Hanouf Al Shaqab), several times international Reserve Champion mare; Laian Al Shaqab (x Meseda Al Shaqab), U.S. Egyptian Event Supreme Female Champion 2011; Mayyasa Al Shaqab (x Alhambra El Dakar), Qatar Emir’s Cup Champion Filly 2009; and Nouf Al Shaqab (x Meseda Al Shaqab), Qatar National Champion Mare 2011. His offspring and grandchildren are found in straight Egyptian breeding programs throughout the Middle East and the world.

After retiring from the show ring, Al Adeed made a few guest appearances at special occasions, the last being at the Egyptian Event Europe in 2016. His last two years were spent in quiet retirement, breeding mares and being well looked-after. His death leaves a big gap in the Al Shaqab stallion roster, but his legacy is sure to continue during the 
coming years.

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