A Golden Moment

Oct 10, 2019 | Life With Our Arabians, What In The World

Suzanne Sturgill and ANGELS ENVEE (Fadi Al Shaqab x Dorian Aurelia), in the East Coast Egyptian Classic.

Suzanne Sturgill and ANGELS ENVEE with co-owners David Conner and Miller Pinson.

I haven’t shown a horse since I was a teenager and I have never shown an Arabian horse. As a new breeder of a beautiful filly, I wanted so much to show her ATH, but knew I couldn’t run. I have never been able to run — flunked many a gym class because of it. So when I saw the ‘Golden Oldies Class — 50 and Over’ which had limited running, offered at the East Coast Egyptian Classic Show, I knew I was going, and that I was taking my Angel in! 

Everyone else in the class ran with their horses before me! I planned on a light jog and let her prance about with her non-stop tail. I was the last to go in, I looked at my partners who asked if I wanted a little shake shake, I nodded, let’s go for it! And did a big trot around the arena! In all the fun of trotting off with mom for the first time ever, she gave a cute buck just before we got to the judge. My ankles didn’t freak out and we made it! 

I can be bad about stepping out of my comfort zones, but this has been my year for stepping out. I never liked to sing in public unless I knew the song perfectly inside and out, I didn’t like to take on a job unless I knew I could deliver the best. So I had lots to worry about showing my filly myself with only two halter lessons and feeling very awkward with my hands (thus no whip to confuse me more), worried that my ankle will rollover if I run, or wondering will she respond and do a good stand up for me. Friends came to the show to cheer us on … “everyone’s watching Suzanne, the photographer!”  YIKES!! This was big for me!!

But the moment I took the lead, ALL THAT WENT AWAY!
I didn’t trip or fall down, and she showed like a champ for me!
I remember watching the video afterwards, and realizing while I was in the ring with the girl of my dreams, it was just the two of us! It was surreal, and it didn’t matter if I was doing it perfectly. We were having fun and doing the best we could for both being newbies. I never heard the crowd cheering that I heard in the video. Nor did I realize right away that we were the last ones called out for awards, which meant that we won the class! Guess I was on cloud nine just to be having fun with my horse.

Many thanks to the Egyptian Classic Show for this class for folks who ‘have been around a little longer.’ You helped us find the confidence and joy of showing our horses.

I want to do it again!

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