21st Egyptian National Championships

Jul 12, 2019 | At the Waterhole, News

The EAO’s El Zahraa National and International shows are steeped in history. Preparations for the 21st Egyptian National Championships are underway to celebrate the beauty of the purebred Arabian horse from October 31 to November 3, 2019. The show will be held in two phases including two championships, one national and the other international, under ECAHO rules.

The name El Zahraa in the world of Arabian horses is synonymous with something magical, not only for breeders of Egyptian Arabian horses but all those related to this rare and treasured breed. El Zahraa is a historical place, tracing back to Abbas Pasha I and Ali Pasha Sharif who were instrumental in laying the foundations for the EAO.

Established in 1920, it has been responsible for preserving the cultural heritage of straight Egyptian Arabian horses. The EAO furthers its mission by uniting breeders from around the world to celebrate the Egyptian horse through shows, networking, and education. Every year the Egyptian National Championship show attracts local Arabian horse lovers, breeders, politicians, ambassadors, sheikhs, princesses and other noteworthy individuals from all over the world because of the history, power and the beauty of the Egyptian Arabian horse.

Once again, El Zahraa expects a large crowd and many horses coming from several countries including Europe and the Middle East to compete this year. A dedicated EAO team is working diligently to produce a horse show of the highest standards. In support of this endeavor, El Zahraa is working with many organizers, local authority partners, businesses and sponsors to ensure that this is a great environment for visitors, residents and participants.

There will be other exciting facets of the show including professional artists, art galleries, photographers, a comprehensive show program, and dancing horses to traditional Egyptian Baladi Muzmar music. There will be plenty of glamor, good food, camaraderie, and excitement for all. We look forward to seeing you here.

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