2024 Arabian Breeders World Cup


Above: Reserve Champion Senior Stallion Aria Valiant
(TS Khidam El Shawan x BH Beijings Velvet) and Andrew Sellman.


By Ally Nelson

As featured in the Spring 2024 issue of Arabian Horse World.

In 2007, a group of dedicated American breeders were attending a European show that, to them, was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of the Arabian horse. This experience led them to conclude that they wanted to create a show in the United States with a similar European feel. Their wishes quickly turned into a vision that would form one of the most celebrated shows in the United States, the Arabian Breeders World Cup. Horses from around the globe flew to Las Vegas, Nevada, for years to compete for the prestigious titles earned at the World Cup.


In 2020, COVID-19 played a significant role in everyone’s lives worldwide and events across the globe, and the Arabian Breeders World Cup was no different. It was decided to move the show to Scottsdale, Arizona, which allowed exhibitors to still compete in an outdoor venue on the polo field of WestWorld. Fast-forward to 2024, the show committee announced that this would be the last year in Scottsdale.


The show is headed back to Las Vegas in 2025. This announcement was met with great excitement from all. As much as everyone enjoyed showing horses on the green grass and under the glorious Arizona sun, there is something special about the event that was missed from Las Vegas.


On Thursday, March 28th, the final show on the polo field began with a few competitive amateur classes followed by the females qualifying classes.

The judging panel (pictured from L to R): Helen Hennekens of Belgium, James Swanepoel of Belgium, Mario Braga of Brazil, Jonas Salzmann of Kuwait, Isaac Taylor of the USA, and Ted Carson of the USA, had a beautiful few days of judging ahead of them, starting with the yearling fillies class which was jam-packed with high-quality fillies. Many agreed that this was the highest quality class presented in quite some time, promising for the future breeding mares of our breed.

When Isaac Taylor was asked about his opinion of the show he replied, “I was honored to judge the ABWC in Scottsdale this year. I have participated in the show in one way or another since its inception, and it has always been one of my favorites. The level of competition was very high, as it always is, and I was very pleased to see the numbers in many of the classes. It was very nice to see so many breeders showing multiple horses representing their breeding programs and being proud of them, which shows are all about.”

A few of the standouts included Marlayna PCF (Martino PCF x Layna Leona PCF), bred by PCF Arabians and owned by Orrion Farms, and DC Lady Di HBV (AJ Radman x Vivatious), bred by Dolce Cavallo LLC and owned by Luciano Cury. These fillies were tied in score and Marlayna won by type.

Marlayna PCF (Martino PCF x Layna Leona PCF).

A notable addition to the Arabian Breeders World Cup was the Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup classes. These classes ran concurrently with their specific age groups and were designed to support the small breeders of our industry. They define a small breeder as one who has bred less than 15 horses per year for the past three breeding seasons. If you qualify for the EAHGC and were in the Top Five Emirates entries prize money was awarded. The program was a great success in showing support for small breeders.

Yearling colt, Miró Anvil (AJ Radman x Oula Aljassimya).

Friday showcased the male competitors and did not disappoint. The yearling colts came into the arena with great enthusiasm. Nader Albidayer (Rhan Al Shahania x Nerissa Albidayer), bred and owned by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al Wasimi, took the highest score, moving on to the championships for Saturday.

Next up was the two-year-old colts. The winner was following his success the month prior at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show – Raphael SBA (Rhan Al Shahania x Aphrodite SBA), bred and owned by Stella Bella Arabians. The three-year-old stallions was won by Kinz Al Adiat (Jyar Meia Lua x Rimas Al Adiat), and the four and five-year-old stallions was won by Aria Valiant (TS Khidam El Shawan x BH Beijings Velvet). Lastly, the six and over stallions was won by Fuerte PL (Shanghai EA x Frymuszka).


On Saturday, we concluded the World Cup with championships where the excitement was felt throughout the crowd. It was a special day for all as the life of Mr. Larry Jerome was celebrated with his favorite World Cup tradition, crazy hat day. Larry was always a huge supporter and a board member of the World Cup, he will be missed dearly.

Stuart Vesty, Sarah Esqueda, and Adam Rickart enjoying Crazy Hat Championship Day.
Larry Jerome at the 2022 Arabian Breeders World Cup.

Championship day results

ABWC Male Supreme Championship ATH

Gold: Royal Rein

Silver: Jaiden ENB

Bronze: Meer Audaz V


ABWC Female Supreme Championship ATH

Gold: Victoria AS

Silver: Royal Belezza

Bronze: Posha Giana PCF


ABWC Gelding Championship 3 and Under

Gold: Exxstatic SBA

Silver: Sebastian ENB

Bronze: Jaiden ENB


ABWC Gelding Championship 4 and Over

Gold: Meer Audaz V

Silver: PS Mystic Mirage


ABWC Yearling Filly Supreme Championship

Gold: Marlayna PCF

Silver: Al Noor Miralena

Bronze: Sedra Alghazali

ABWC Junior Filly Supreme Championship

Gold: Vanna A

Silver: Royal Mia

Bronze: Royal Black Moon


ABWC Yearling Colt Supreme Championship

Gold: Nader Albidayer

Silver: Synatra

Bronze: RD Bacaro


ABWC Junior Colt Supreme Championship

Gold: Raphael SBA

Silver: Aria Helios

Bronze: Kinz Al Adiat


ABWC Senior Mares Supreme Championship

Gold: Sahara Misshaela

Silver: Exxaltress

Bronze: Om El Belasina


ABWC Senior Stallion Supreme Championship

Gold: Fuerte PL

Silver: Aria Valiant

Bronze: MD Fareed

Om El Belasina (Om El Sinon x Om El Beladeena).
Aria Helios (FA El Rasheem x MD Hibat Allah).
Fuerte PL (Shanghai EA x Frymuszka).

Along with the highlighted champion Arabian horses, awards were given to the standout breeders and handlers. Royal Arabians topped the leaderboard for the 2024 Arabian Breeders World Cup as Arabian Breeders of Distinction, closely followed by Psynergy Equine and Rae-Dawn Arabians. Also awarded were Mr. Austin Colangelo of Sahara Scottsdale as the Professional Handler of Excellence and Ms. Koy Moody as the Amateur Handler of Excellence.

Koy Moody, winner of the Amateur Handler of Excellence.
Professional Handler of Excellence Austin Colangelo and his wife Leticia Colangelo.

As the show concluded Saturday afternoon, the crowd departed, energized by the passion of our beloved Arabian horse and looking forward to the 2025 Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. See you there!