2023 AHW Aristocrat Mare Inductees


Pictured above L to R: Newly inducted Aristocrat mares MD Hibat Allah, Honey’s Delight RB and HED Caramba.

Arabian Horse World has been honoring these special mares since 1979. These mares have produced four or more champion offspring. They’re called Arabian Horse World Aristocrats, known throughout the breed for their accomplishments.

The leading living ahw aristocrat mare


Bay mare foaled 2004

Sire: Magnum Psyche

Dam: HED Cajun Queen by Cajun Prince HCF

Owned by: Sahara Scottsdale


Champion Progeny:

DM Valencia (by DA Valentino)

Capone SSR (by DA Valentino)

Symphony of Love (by El Nabila B)

Rohara Emissary (by Aria Impressario)

AJ Thee Luca (by Thee Desperado)

So Chic AS (by Marwan Al Shaqab)

Cameila ENB (by El Nabila B)

Hey Man Al Shahania (by Marwan Al Shaqab)

Delacroixx (by RD Dynamo)

Cameaa (by El Nabila B)

Aria Aye Caramba (by Truest)

Aye Caramba (by QR Marc)

Devereauxx (by RD Dynamo)

HED Caramba, bred by Lerner Diego, is a magical mare. She sprinkles a dust made of that magic over the top of her foals the minute they stand up. Caramba herself, a mare that has traversed a portion of the planet, only to enrich several breeding programs while dazzling with her ability to produce the finest foals. Caramba has an incredible 13 champion foals, out of her total 27 so far. 


Prior to being a part of the Aria Collection, she was shown successfully by David Boggs of Midwest Training Centre and garnered a 2006 Canadian National Champion Two-Year-Old Filly award as well as being named a United States National Top Ten Mare. She is a daughter of the legendary sire Magnum Psyche and HED Cajun Queen by *Cajun Prince and a maternal granddaughter of another great mare, NV Ali Bey.


The influence of Caramba not only reaches far and wide but generations deep. Although most of her foals were embryo transfers, she loves being a mother and is currently carrying a foal by AJ Radman for 2024.



Bay mare foaled 1991

Sire: The Chief Justice

Dam: Main Glitter by SX Showdown

Owned by: Healing Hearts, Hooves and Paws

Champion Progeny:

Gardenia Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Glitter Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Garland Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Gallagher Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Grady Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Guns Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Gala Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Afire Guns NRoses (by Afire Bey V)

Gabriella Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Gino Afire (by Afire Bey V)

DD Afires Sadeek (by Afire Starter)

This exceptional mare, HL Glitter NGold, was inaugurated into the AHW Aristocrat mare list in 2012. She passed away at 32 in August of this year with 11 champion foals, moving up from her previous ranking. Her legacy will live on through her various foals with championships in various disciplines.


After her last owner handed her off at 25, she ended up with a kill buyer. The Arabian horse community got together to raise the funds to get her back, and then the rescue Healing Hearts, Hooves and Paws located in McHenry, Illinois, took her in to live out her golden years. 


“When we took Glitter in and learned of her history, the large number of foals she had carried through a variety of owners, we committed to caring for her and giving her as much as she had given to others over her lifetime. We made sure she had everything she needed or wanted and could just live the life of a retired horse – and that’s what she did for seven years. She was the queen of the farm.” – Chris Hoagland, Healing Hearts, Hooves and Paws


Bay mare foaled 1999

Sire: Thee Infidel

Dam: Probracja by Probat

Owned by: Gemini Ranch Arabians


Champion Progeny:

Gaultier (by Ganges)

Decades (by Millennium LOA)

Millaysia (by Millennium LOA)

Majik of Marwan (by Marwan Al Shaqab)

Rohara Sojourn (by Odyssey SC)

Marc of Valor NQ (by QR Marc)

Vulturi (by KM Bugatti)

Joseph Alihandro (by EKS Alihandro)

Lola Lola (by Truest)

Lily Marlaina has added an additional champion to her roster moving her up to 9 Champion foals.



Grey mare foaled 2000

Sire: Padrons Psyche

Dam: Focus Alianna by Ruminaja Ali

Owned by: Shafi Stud


Champion Progeny:

Italia IA (by Brixx IA)

Harjeet MA (by Hariry Al Shaqab)

Alisha Bey MA (by Bey Shah)

Revelater MA (by Harjeet MA)

Intoxicating MA (by *Padron)

Alia Psyche IA was bred by Richard D. Dewalt, and is owned by Shafi Stud in Denmark. She is the dam of five Champions including US and Brazilian National Champion Stallion Harjeet MA, and Region 7 Reserve Champion Stallion Italia IA whom is co-owned with Richard Dewalt. Alia went to greener pastures in September 2023.


Grey mare foaled 1971

Sire: Folltan

Dam: Sharene by Yatez

Owned by: John and Phyllis Curtis


Champion Progeny:

Aristo Fyer (by Aristo Kossak)

Superlativ (by Andreanov)

Affirmativ (by Andreanov)

Stand Bye Me (by MHR Adew)

Personal Best (by MHR Adew)

AV Improv (by Affirmativ)

Cedarige Folaura was a flea bitten gray mare, born in 1971. Her sire was Folltan, and her Dam was Sharene. She had around 17 foals, and 6 champions. She was a full sister to the multi-champion, Cedaridge Folderol.


Bay mare foaled 1995

Sire: Barbary

Dam: Dancing Melody by *Aladdinn

Owned by: Janet Stevenson

Champion Progeny:

A Time To Dance (by Apollopalooza)

Dance Tonight (by Scrimmage)

Dancing Heiress (by Afires Heir)

Afires Turbulence (by Afire Bey V)

Dance To Remember (by Rodan LTD)

The King OfThe Dance (by IXL Noble Express)

Dancing NThe Moonlite (by Maclintock V)

SD Dancing On Heir (by VJ Royal Heir)

Dancing Rain X+// was bred by Don Delongpre and purchased at age five by Janet Stevenson. Two months later, she won her first National Championship with Janet in the Country Pleasure AAOTR 40 & over at the 2000 Canadian Nationals. Dancing Rain won a total of eight National Championships and Reserves in Country English Pleasure, Country Pleasure Driving, and Show Hack, including the 2002 triple crown in Country Pleasure Open with Marjie Becker and the 2006 US National Championship in Country Pleasure AAOTR 55 & over with Janet Stevenson.


Dancing Rain X+// is still owned by Janet Stevenson and has lived with Brett & Marjie Becker at Becker Stables for 23 years.  Every foal she has produced has been a champion: eight purebreds and two half-Arabians.


Bay mare foaled 1986

Sire: Deficyt

Dam: Orelie by Negatraz

Owned by: Rhonda Ann Woitel


Champion Progeny:

Decypher (by Posejdon)

AV Executiv (by Affirmativ)

AV Dividend (by Affirmativ)

AV Definyt (by Affirmativ)

AV Debonaire (by Affirmativ)

AV Definitely (by Affirmativ)

AV Distinctiv (by Affirmativ)

Deneuve was a bay mare born in 1986. She produced 12 foals total with 7 champions. She was a wonderful producer when bred to Affirmativ. Her sire was Deficyt, Imported from Poland. Her Dam was Orelie, a Negatraz daughter.


Bay mare foaled 2008

Sire: Afires Heir

Dam: Noble Empress by IXL Noble Express

Owned by: Scott & Michelle Harris and Helen Reed

Champion Progeny:

Young Gunz (by Young Money)

HA Tserafina (by HA Toskcan Sun)

CF Mister Exclusive (by HA Toskcan Sun)

RA Extraordinare (by HA Toskcan Sun)

RA Tspecial Edition (by HA Toskcan Sun)

HRA Tsurreal (by HA Toskcan Sun)

GSF Exclusive is the name heard in the pedigree of six champions in the English divisons. With several nationally decorated foals, she has been a powerhouse broodmare for Harris Arabians and Helen Reed when bred to HA Toskcan Sun.


Bay mare foaled 2008

Sire: JJ Senor Magnum

Dam: Honeymoon FHP by *NV Sure Fire

Owned by: Sahara Scottsdale


Champion Progeny:

Delights Divah RB (by Ajman Moniscione)

Emozione Al Ventura (by FA El Shawan)

Aria Aphrodite (by Aria Impresario)

Aria Majesty (by Marwan Al Shaqab)

Royal Mateo (by Soul Of Marwan AS)

Aria Khatalyst (by TS Khidam El Shawan)

Esperanzza Al Ventur (by FA El Shawan)

Honey is a Brazilian National Champion, US National Champion and Scottsdale Champion. She was born in Brazil where she also began her breeding program. Two of her first foals, Delights Diva RB and Esperanzza Al Ventur, traveled the world and brought home many titles including Gold Menton Champion Junior Filly, Gold Sharjah International Champion Junior Filly and Gold Bruges Champion Senior Mare. 


As Honey ventured to the United States, she began producing spectacular horses for The Aria Collection. Her first in the United States was Aria Aphrodite, a Reserve Champion two-year-old filly sired by Aria Impresario, followed by Aria Majesty, who was Champion Junior Colt in Scottsdale. Honey’s foals are not only beautiful, but also extremely athletic and competitive in the performance divisions. Her son, Royal Mateo, proved in 2022 when he was named Reserve National Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse in a very competitive class of 40 entries.


Bay mare foaled 2006

Sire: Apollopalooza

Dam: Matariaelle Girl by Zodiac Matador

Owned by: Scott & Michelle Harris and Helen Reed

Champion Progeny:

Heirs Devotion (by Afires Heir)

Marlene LR (by Emperor of Anza)

Caption Hook HRA (by HA Toskcan Sun)

HRA Marti Gras (by HA Toskcan Sun)

JR Mata Hari was bred by Dr. James and Jeanne Rooker. With nine foals on the ground, she has had four champions in the Country English Pleasure, English Pleasure and Park divisions. She is currently owned by Harris Arabians and Helen Reed.


Chestnut mare foaled 1979

Sire: Procent

Dam: Charmy Van Linssen-HOF by Nadeem

Owned by: Brett and Marjie Becker

Champion Progeny:

BPL Karmel (by *Salon)

SA Karmen (by *Muscat)

SA Karmax (by Ali Jamaal)

Prescott (by Khadraj NA)

SA Cyncynati (by ACF Cynabar)

Annies Lullaby (by DJ Danzon Bey)

*Karny (*Procent x Charmy Van Linnsen-Hof) was imported from the Netherlands in 1983.  She was shown to numerous halter wins, including 1984 US National Top Ten Mare.  Her show career spanned over 10 years, and in 1995 she was named Scottsdale Reserve Champion and US National Top Ten Mare AOTH at 16.  *Karny was owned most of her life by Dr. Scott Alexander and was acquired by Brett and Marjie Becker of Becker Stables in 2004 at 25. *Karny lived at Becker Stables until the age of 31.  She produced six champions.


Bay mare foaled 2010

Sire: Khadraj NA

Dam: Gai Portia by Gai Monarch

Owned by: Mike and Nicci Waldschmidt

Champion Progeny:

PA Khassique Kid (by Sundance Kid V)

PA Kharrinna (by Sundance Kid V)

PA Kalista Always (by Always A Jullyen V)

PA Kharress (by PA Phoenix Kid)

Kharrmon Elektra (by Onyx A)

Kharrissa was bred by Palmetto Arabians and was purchased by Mike & Nicci Waldschmidt from Rob Bick in 2019.  She is a full sister to US National Champion and Scottsdale Champion Mare Kharrea PGA (dam of PA Kid Khan) and to US National Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR Kharrson+/.


Kharrissa resides with Brett and Marjie Becker at Becker Stables.  She has produced 5 champions and several beautiful foals for the Waldschmidts which have not yet been shown.


Bay mare foaled 2008

Sire: Khadraj NA

Dam: TN Katiki by Versace

Owned by: Becker Stables

Champion Progeny:

Jasmine And Magnolia (by Sundance Kid V)

Bentayga (by Sundance Kid V)

Trulianna (by Trussardi)

On Demand (by Onyx A)

Just Mac (by Justin Mac V)

Kheanne+// (Khadraj NA++++ x TN Katiki by Versace) was bred by Julia Neufeld and first shown by Gordon Potts to a Top Ten in the 3-year-old western pleasure futurity at the 2011 US Nationals. It was at that show that Karen Pitassi purchased her with trainer Brett Becker. The very next year Kheanne+// was named US National Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR Maturity with Brooke Pitassi, and over her career, garnered a total of 7 National Championships/National Reserve Championships in Western Pleasure and a Scottsdale Championship in Western Pleasure open with Brett Becker. She retired in 2022 after winning a US Reserve National Championship in Western Pleasure AAOTR 60 & over with her current owner, Nancy Maximuck.


Kheanne+// continues to reside at Becker Stables and to date has produced 5 champions, including multi-National Champions Bentayga+, Jasmine And Magnolia, and On Demand.


Chestnut mare foaled 2005

Sire: Legacy Of Fame

Dam: Merri Porcelynn by Shaklans Padron NA

Owned by: Lisa Moffatt

Champion Progeny:

Unforgettable MA (by Harjeet MA)

Hermes MA (by Hariry Al Shaqab)

Challs Legacy M H (by El Chall WR)

Shaqs Legacy MH (by Maserati WR)

Legacy’s Treasure is a statuesque dam, producing several champion offspring. She has long legs, and the perpetual look of eagles. Her flaxen mane completes her unforgettable presence.


Bay mare foaled 2009

Sire: DA Valentino

Dam: *Anastasiaa by ATA Bey Starr

Owned by: Sahara Scottsdale

Champion Progeny:

Pizzazz SRA (by Stival)

MD Mireya (by Botswana)

Excellence CRF (by Hahil Al Shaqab)

Najima Aria (by Baha AA)

Aria Rakeem (by FA El Rasheem)

Aria Alanah (by Delacroixx)

MD Zlatan (by Emerald J)

Aria Jafar (by Sultan GK)

Alaia Al Jood (by AJ Radman)

Aria Helios (by FA El Rasheem)

This elegant daughter of DA Valentino has proven herself time and again to be one of the top Arabian mares in the show ring and in the breeding barn. She was named US National Champion Senior Mare in 2016 and has since continued to impress  Arabian horse enthusiasts through her progeny. To name a few, in 2020, her daughter, Najima Aria, was named Canadian National Champion Futurity Filly. In 2021, her son, Exxcelsior AT, was the ABWC Silver Champion Junior Colt and in 2023, her son, Aria Rakeem, was named Scottsdale Champion Stallion. Hibat is currently carrying a foal by AJ Radman for 2024.


Chestnut mare foaled 2012

Sire: Padrons Psyche

Dam: A Fancy Miracle by *Sasaki

Owned by: Lank and Karen Havice

Champion Progeny:

Tressor Royale (by QR Marc

La Reve (by QR Marc)

Everella (by Ever After NA)

Rihanna CW (by Rhan Al Shahania)

Merveille (Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle by *Sasaki) is the Queen of Magnum Arabians and a full sister of world-renowned Magnum Psyche.  Magnum Psyche was a multi-United States National, International, and Scottsdale Supreme Champion and the leading sire in Arabian horse history.


Merveille is a Scottsdale and Regional Champion. Like her mother, who also was an Aristocrat Mare, Merveille is proving to be a stellar producer. We expect that Merveille’s youngest foal, Tour de Force LKH, a 2023 black colt by Thee Desperado, will be included in this impressive list of Merveille’s progeny.         


Bay mare foaled 1991

Sire: Huckleberry Bey

Dam: Miss Leading by Barbary

Owned by: Sherman Ranch

Champion Progeny:

Expressamo (by IXL Noble Express)

Optimistic S (by IXL Noble Express)

Wurlitzer (by Triften)

Pineapple Express (by IXL Noble Express)

Mystic Bey V was bred by Varian Arabians. She was shown in Country English Pleasure to many Scottsdale wins, Regional Champions and National Top Tens. Her final owners, Sherman Ranch bred her five times with four of her total foals to become champions in the English pleasure divisions.


Grey mare foaled 1993

Sire: Solstice

Dam: Natique by *Naborr

Owned by: Thirteen Oaks Arabians

Champion Progeny:

Natassia (by Psytadel US)

Nostalggia (by Falcon BHF)

Naddiaa (by Falcon BHF)

Natalya TO (by Sir Fames HBV)

Vitorio TO (by DA Valentino)

Valentinus TO (by DA Valentino)

Soltire TO (by DA Valentino)

Bella Natique TO (by DA Valentino)

Santino TO (by IXL Da Vinci FM)

Sol Natique was purchased by Thirteen Oaks Arabians when she was eight years old. They looked to her beauty, presence and attitude to produce high quality foals. They chose DA Valentino for his beauty, structure and size to complement her and produced four siblings. They were all champions in halter including Regional and U.S. National Championships. Vitorio TO and Soltire TO were named U.S. National Champion Stallions, with Bella Natique and Valentinus named U S National Top Ten Halter.


Sol Natique is now thirty years old and is just as beautiful as she was when she arrived at Thirteen Oaks Arabians in Tennessee in 2001. She has matured into a striking flea bitten mare with an incredible long and well shaped neck, well balanced high trot and awesome tail carriage. She is the epitome of the breeding of her era.


She has brought so much joy and peace to her owner, Maureen, since her husband Ed passed.


Chestnut mare foaled 2007

Sire: Khadraj NA

Dam: TN Katiki by Versace

Owned by: Becker Stables

Champion Progeny:

TN Khonfession (by PA Gazsi)

TN Khalifornia Khid (by Ever After NA)

TN Khaliente (by SF Veraz)

TN Khamea (by Monticello V)

Kharen Marie (Conquest BR)

TN Khemarie was bred by Julia Neufeld and is a full sister to Multi-National Champion Western Pleasure Kheanne+//.  Due to an injury, Khemarie was never shown but has excelled as a broodmare. 


TN Khemarie is currently owned by Brett and Marjie Becker of Becker Stables.  Her foals are consistently big, beautiful, and athletic.  We are excited to show her 3-year-old (Kharen Marie by Conquest BR) and her 4-year-old (TN Khamea by Montecello V) at the 2023 US Nationals.  To date, TN Khemarie has produced five champions, and we anticipate many more to come. 


Bay mare foaled 1992

Sire: GG Jabask

Dam: SDA Lady Elegance by Bay El Bey

Owned by: Brett and Marjie Becker

Champion Progeny:

Lady Afire (by Afire Bey V)

Versaciano (by Versace)

Ladys Dance (by Sundance Kid V)

Cowboy Casanova (by Sundance Kid V)

Sweet Thingg (by KM Bugatti)

Onnesty (by Onyx A)

At age 10, SDA Lady Jabask was already a Reserve National Champion in Mare Halter JOTR and a three-time National Champion/Reserve National Champion in Country English Pleasure JO/JTR under the guidance of Cathy Vincent of Adandy Farm. At the 2002 US Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, Cathy was approached by Brett Becker with an interesting idea. “Do you think she would do hunter?” he asked.  Lady Jabask was purchased at that show by Brett and Marjie Becker, along with Marjie’s mother, Joan Jacks, and was taken back to Becker Stables in California.  Just one year later at the 2003 US Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SDA Lady Jabask was named US National Champion Hunter Pleasure with Marjie Becker. 


SDA Lady Jabask lived the rest of her life with Brett & Marjie Becker at Becker Stables, where she produced five champions, including National Champions Ladys Dance, Sweet Thingg, Versaciano, and Onnesty.


Bay mare foaled 2002

Sire: Xceptshahn

Dam: JE Ali Selene by Ali Jamaal

Owned by: Al Badran Arabian Stud

Champion Progeny:

Emmanda (by Marwan Al Magnifficoo)

Marvelous Xceptshahn (by Marwan Al Magnifficoo)

Everly MA (by Ever After NA)

Mahomes MA (by Magnum Psyche)

This wonderful grandaughter of Ali Jamaal was bred by Gilles St. Pierre and now owned by Rob & Lynda Pelliccia of Al Badran Arabian Stud. She is a dam of two National Champions and two Class A winners. She is bred to Italia IA in 2024.

Current list of AHW Aristocrat stats


We continue to celebrate and recognize these grand mares each as we have since 1979 as AHW Aristocrats.