It isn’t often that an Arabian breeding program can celebrate its 200th anniversary. But the breeding program of the royal Weil Stud, founded in 1817 by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg, has survived for two centuries, influencing Arabian breeding throughout the world along the way. Since 1932, the horses have been in the care of Marbach State Stud. Many of the horses today are descended in unbroken line from King Wilhelm’s original stock, with two Egyptian mare families added in 1955. Marbach is celebrating the anniversary on several occasions throughout the year. The first was on May 21st, 2017, with a special presentation of the broodmares and foals and a three hour show program featuring the stud’s own horses and a few special guests. The show was sold out hours before it opened. And this year’s foals – all sired by Marbach’s young homebred stallions – are just as special as the year of their birth. They represent 200 years of breeding beautiful, friendly, unflappable, and useful Arabian horses. These horses may not be “fashionable”, but they are something much more than that: They are timeless. Betty Finke